Live Free or Die – Vegan Creations

Innovative twists on pan-Asian vegan classics. All laboriously cooked to perfection.
At Blue Pepper there’s no place for faux meat, fake sushi, or huge bowls of raw green stuff
that make you feel the way cows feel.
Spicy grilled pumpkin soup with coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin biscuits
Grilled wonders – tempe’tation saté (in three ways) with fruit salad ‘rudjak’
Manadonese corn ribs served with kale curry and quinoa stuffed pepper
Saturday night fever – spicy Sumatran aubergines, jackfruit rendang, tumis tofu
Sunday recovery – Javanese wahyumelon katsu served with urapan and spicy oatmeal
per item 15
min. 2 items per person / 3 items 40

The Future – A Vegan Tasting Menu
A tasting menu for vegans to rival a classic Rijsttafel in variety and complexity – consisting of
some of our finest vegan dishes – soup, salad, spicy curries, mild sides, and hearty grains and

Stare At Me
A piece of cake, really
Electric Sensations, fruit, and flowers
Selection of exotic sorbets