Blue Pepper Interior

Blue Pepper Amsterdam

“Real Asian experience”

“Among the best Asian restaurants we have been to, including the best in Singapore and Hong Kong. The spicy recipes are left intact, without ‘adaptation’ to European tastes, which makes it an authentic Asian experience.” – Edward

Vegan Friendly Pumpkin Soup
Fish and Seafood Soup
Lamb cutlets and spicy pumpkin
Upscale Indonesian Restaurant Amsterdam
Indonesian Rijsttafel in Amsterdam
Scallops and asperagus

Nice place for vegan food

“Very creative and original project with modern twists on traditional Indonesian food. The results are outstanding.”
Tofu Mousse on pumpkin biscuit
Amsterdam Rijsttafel Blue Pepper
Goose loempia
Blue Pepper Canal Cruise
Soft Shell Crab
Grasshopper Haute Cuisine
Rhubarb and strawberry dessert
Blue Pepper dessert
Blue Pepper interior
dinner cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam sightseeing

Dinner Cruise Amsterdam

Blue Pepper Dinner Cruise
Blue Pepper dinner cruise dessert
Amsterdam Canal Cruise
Canal Cruise with dinner
Amsterdam Boat Cruise
Amsterdam Haute Cuisine