Blue Pepper Indonesian & Vegan Friendly Restaurant


The Earth is Blue, Like an Orange

A rare Indonesian cocktail with pandan and coconut – aromatic, cool and nutty

€ 10

Classic Rijsttafel

The Sultan and I

A culinary journey through Indonesia.
Our lovingly curated tasting menu consists of small portions of different Indonesian classics:
Fish and seafood, goose, beef/lamb, chicken, vegetables, salads, pickles and toppings, served  with white rice.
You will leave feeling fat, full and totally fabulous.

€ 49

Vegan Tasting Menu

The Future – Vegan Creations

A tasting menu for vegans to rival a classic Rijsttafel in variety and complexity – consisting of some of our finest vegan dishes.
Soup, salad, spicy curries, mild sides, and hearty grains and pulses.

€ 49

À la carte menu

The Naked Goose and other Indonesian Classics

* min. 2 items per person



– Fresh fish and seafood soup, lemongrass and tangy citrus – soto aneka laut
– Naked goose lumpia, lamb saté, chicken saté

Main Courses


– Spicy prawns, Sumatran red sauce – udang blado
– Fresh fish in a light and aromatic sauce with lemongrass – ikan pangé
– Corn-fed chicken, shredded, in a Balinese sauce – ayam sisit bali
– Spicy, classic slow-cooked Indonesian beef stew – rendang
– Spicy Sumatran-style lamb – gulai kambing


€ 10

An electric sensation, a piece of cake, fruit, flowers and a selection of exotic sorbets