Blue Pepper Restaurant and Candlelight Dinner Cruises Amsterdam

(since 2002)
The flavours of Indonesian Haute Cuisine based on fresh herbs & spices with vegan friendly alternatives.

Indonesian Haute Cuisine in Amsterdam

A Royal Indonesian Feast

Indonesian Restaurant Blue Pepper

Blue Pepper brings back to life what a Royal Indonesian Feast tasted like. Our rice table (rijsttafel) takes you from mellow hints of spice to wickedly complex, rich dishes where spices remain centre-stage but using them properly is revealed as an art form.

Our Rijsttafel / Rice Table, consisting of lovingly curated Indonesian classics  as well as modern creations is a feast of fish and seafood, poultry and game, meat and vegetables, pickles and sweets.

Vegan with a twist

Pan-Asian Vegan

Our vegan menu is extensive, consisting of elaborate and innovative twists on pan-Asian vegan traditions.

At Blue Pepper there’s no place for faux meat, fake sushi, or huge bowls of raw green stuff that make you feel the way cows feel. All laboriously cooked to perfection.

Vegan Friendly Pumpkin Soup

Indonesian Restaurant Blue Pepper Amsterdam

(since 2002)

Blue Pepper has been featured in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalUSA Today, Time Out, Der Feinschmecker, Dutch, German, and French Television, Dutch Elle and practically everywhere in the Dutch media for our contribution to Indonesian haute cuisine in the Netherlands.

From the classic recipes of our award-winning founding chef Mrs. Sonja Pereira (from Bandung, Indonesia), to the modern vegan creations of Mr. Wahyu Heri Sasmito (from Jakarta, Indonesia), we offer a panoramic view of Indonesian cooking and its continuing evolution.

Appreciations & Awards

We are very proud of all our mentions in the Insider Top 201 of the Fork and earning The Tripadvisor badges for bestselection as Insider in The Top 2021 of The Fork and to the Hall of Fame of Tripadvisor. In 2020 and 2021 we became Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice.

Dinner Cruise Amsterdam

* currently offered to groups of 15 or more

Blue Pepper’s fairy tale dinner cruise combines the best of Amsterdam sightseeing with its culinary specialty – an Indonesian Rijsttafel. Our centrally heated luxury boat sails through the magically lit bridges and canals, the bustling red-light district, the Ij and the Amstel rivers while our chefs prepare a gastronomic tasting menu, served hot at your table.


Request a reservation at our Restaurant

(5:30pm-10pm, Thursday-Monday. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

*Our food is quite intense and not exactly very suitable for kids, and we’re unable to offer a kids’ menu currently.

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